5 Football Player Stars Playing in EURO 2016

5 Football Player Stars Playing in EURO 2016

The event of EURO 2016 will be the biggest football tournament in Europe. The tournament will be held in France in 2016. Twenty-four countries have officially participated in this tournament. Of course, every country brings some football player stars and the best players that it had. Here is the list of football player stars taking a part in that prestige tournament. 5 Football Player Stars Playing in EURO 2016 that you need to watch if you want to enjoy in EURO 2016.

Wayne Rooney

The first football player star is Wayne Rooney. Rooney is an English footballer playing in the big club, Manchester United. He is the captain of England National Team playing in the position of striker. Though he is not young anymore, Rooney is still a dangerous player who should be concerned more on. Rooney becomes the icon of Red Devils with much experience in football. He ever got individual achievements for being the best football player in England.

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazards was born in La Louviere, Belgium. He is a player who is able to change the way of the football game quickly. The role of left wings cannot be neglected by rivals. The natural skills of Hazard are dribbling and running fast making him be the player feared by the opponent defenders and goalkeeper. Hazard is currently a Chelsea wing midfielder successfully winning UEFA Europe Cup in the first season in Chelsea. He often got some nominations in football player achievements. Hazard also becomes the fuel and mainstay player of Belgium National Team.

5 Football Player Stars Playing in EURO 2016

5 Football Player Stars Playing in EURO 2016
5 Football Player Stars Playing in EURO 2016

Diego Costa

Diego da Silva Costa or Diego Costa is a professional footballer from Brazil. But, he changes his citizenship being Spanish. He plays for Chelsea as a striker. Before being a Chelsea player, he was shining brightly together with Atletico Madrid. In international level, Costa played two times with Brazil National Team in 2013. Then, he starts to be a Spanish player and representing his country. He is very fast and strong when doing a duel with the rivals.

Manuel Neuer

Spain has a multi-talented striker. Germany also has some multitalented players. One of the players is Manuel Neuer. He is a multitalented German goalkeeper. He is playing for Bayern Munich since 2010. Before joining in Munich, he played for Schalke since he was young. He stood up Germany since 2004 for U-18 National Team. He is very strong and fast to respond the ball from opponents. He also can read the way of the game and position as a shot-stopper like a defender. He was ever nominated to be the FIFA best football player in the world 2014 and 2015.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who do not know Cristiano Ronaldo? He is five-star football player participating in EURO 2016. He can play as a striker and also the winner. He played for Manchester United and currently plays for Real Madrid. He has got some individual achievements for his amazing skills and great achievements in football like Golden Boots of Premier League and Europe, FIFA best world football player in 2008, 2013, 2014, and some other individual titles and achievements. Ronaldo deserves to get those achievements because of his fantastic skill. He has special tricks in playing football like step over, reverse, and Rolando chop. He is also a fast sprinter and has nimble feet making dizzy the rivals. Because of the skills, Ronaldo is a professional footballer in the world. In addition to those names, there are still some other footballers like Bastian Schweinsteiger, Andres Iniesta, Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale, and much more.

They are the 5 Football Player Stars Playing in EURO 2016 so expect a very nice and competitive match in EURO 2016.

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