How to Get Out of the Hug Bear with Krav Maga Basic

How to Get Out of the Hug Bear with Krav Maga Basic

When we are getting attacked, we often get panic and it makes us having no idea for what to do especially if we have no good reflex on facing such this experience and condition. It becomes the reason why anyone needs to learn much about self-defence. That is especially for women who often become the target of the crimes. That is a good idea to learn much about how to deal with that condition properly. There are so many kinds of self-defence like How to Get Out of the Hug Bear with Krav Maga Basic technique or system that we can choose. One of them which is really popular and will be really effective for you is krav maga. Why it is said that it will be really effective as the self-defence method? That is because this self-defence system is designed with no weapon to be used. So, anytime you are getting attacked including when you bring nothing as your weapon, you can defend yourself. That is the reason why this kind of self-defence method is completely popular nowadays. If you want to learn about this method of self-defence, you need to know much first about krav maga. Then, you can learn about the basic and also the moves or technique properly. The key for mastering it is the regular drill which is done more and more. The drill will be helpful to train your strength, reflex, and also agility against attack or violence much better. That is why you have to know much more first about it and then apply to learn about it in practice .

How to Get Out of the Hug Bear with Krav Maga

How to Get Out of the Hug Bear with Krav Maga Basic
How to Get Out of the Hug Bear with Krav Maga Basic

There are so many ideas for the moves of the basic regarding to the krav maga. One of them is when you are attacked with the bear hug which is often done by the enemies or attackers. You need to know how to deal with that condition properly. Bear hug is actually the attack which is done by someone by approaching you from your behind, and then he or she is grabbing you and pressing both arms to your body sides. That is such the worse attack which is commonly done by the people and as the result the victims do not know what to do as the defence. So, how to do the defence properly then? Below are the steps you can learn.

  • When it happens, you need to plonk down your weight as like when you are doing the fast squat. That will help you on getting your hand to be much freer.
  • Then, you can move the hips to one side as fast as possible by making your feet to be wider from the width of your hip. That will help you getting the access to attack the enemy’s groin using one of your hands.
  • If you are already getting the access, you can strike the enemy’s groin using your palm which is already open. Do this move more and more until he releases the grip.
  • You can move a little bit forward.
  • Attack your enemy’s belly by using your elbow. Then, you can face him and do some other attacks to him as like some punches to the nose, throat, or other soft area.

Those are the easy and simple moves like How to Get Out of the Hug Bear with Krav Maga Basi,c imagine it but without any drills that can be hard to be applied. The key is still the same you have to do the drills of this technique of krav maga more and more so that you can improve well your reflex, body position, agility, and also strength.

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