Proper and Perfect Groin Kick in Krav Maga

Proper and Perfect Groin Kick in Krav Maga

Are you always interested in trying the new challenge including to try the new sport or even self-defense system which is worth a try and also really popular? If yes, have you known and tried krav maga? Of course, there are still many people who do not know about this yet. That can be said of a fighting sport or even the self-defense system. The method or system is from Israel and we can simply have it a try. That can be learned as a regular exercise and as the bonus; you will also get the great and better skill on defending yourself from anyone who attacks you. Surely, no one expects to get attacked by someone else when they are outside the home. Still, the risk is always that worse and we have to prevent and avoid it. One of the ideas is by mastering particular Proper and Perfect Groin Kick in Krav Maga system of self-defense as like the krav maga.

That is actually the self-defense system with no weapon which is used. So, it can be applied in any situation when you are attacking even when you are with no weapon. The system and technique are actually aimed at fighting in the close distance which is great for defending yourself from the attacker. You can simply learn about how to do it. The key to mastering this self-defense system is by mastering its basics first and you need to know how to do those basic properly and perfectly. The proper basic will result from the perfect performance as well.

Proper and Perfect Groin Kick in Krav Maga

Proper and Perfect Groin Kick in Krav Maga
Proper and Perfect Groin Kick in Krav Maga

Another basic technique of krav maga that you need to do properly and you have to master is kicking the enemy’s groin. Surely, that will be effective to fight against the man. When you feel really doubtful on facing the enemy it is a good idea to kick his groin with a great and proper speed and also strength. So, how to do that perfectly? Here are the tutorials to do the proper groin kick of krav maga.

  1. On your staggered stances, you have to face the enemy who wants to attack you.
  2. You need to place your leg which is dominant or one that you are going to use for kicking on the behind.
  3. You need to get your dominant leg to be engaged to the quads and also the flexors properly.
  4. Then you need kicking your dominant leg in the position of upward and also straight out.
  5. The next is to lean back carefully and a little bit for getting the proper balance.
  6. Kicking the enemy’s legs. Then connecting properly the shin to his groin strongly and quickly.

Those are actually not really that complicated as long as you drill it well. If you have tried it more and more you will get the better strength and also reflex. There are some tips to do this kicking of the krav maga. Proper and Perfect Groin Kick in Krav Maga can help you in various situations . One of them is never to use your knee to kick your opponent. For the perfect impact, use your shin to do it. Then, do not stop only by kicking the groin, doing another attack continually to get the great impact to the enemy.


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