Sweden EURO 2016 Team

Sweden EURO 2016 Team

Sweden is at 35th of FIFA rankings, making a great challenge for Sweden EURO 2016 team to repair their ranking record. With lots of notable and talented players, it’s possible for them to reach the highest ranking based on FIFA rankings qualification for sure. Sweden has been at EURO for many times with many failed. Visit the Malaysian site for different Sweden EURO 2016 Team, After you finish reviewing the different profile of the teams in EURO 2016 you can go in to watch.

The team coach

Erik Hamren is chosen as the coach of Sweden EURO 2016 team since his appointment in 2009. Before being a coach and manager he was being a part-time manager under Rosenborg. After that, he released his contract by a Norwegian in the following year. He successfully received two titles with Rosenborg as well as going with 3 Swedish cups. He was also able to survive the ignominy of the lost over England right at EURO 2012. That made them failed to qualify for FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

He received sympathy from public since they recognized his quality resources. Early on his coaching experience, he has relapsed to two banks within four with Zlatan Ibrahimovic hit the teams on the counter. Hamren is hardly sustainable and innovative coach who is suitable for Sweden national football team.

How did they qualify?

After defeating Russia with 4-1 scores, Sweden was able to collect about for points making them be the second place behind Russia. Ibrahimovic scored some goals over Moldova and Liechtenstein which secured the team.

During the remake of UEFA, Sweden defeated Denmark with 2-1 winning at home and also away with a 2-2 draw . Ibrahimovic successfully scored two goals making the team win over Denmark.

Sweden EURO 2016 Team

Sweden EURO 2016 Team
Sweden EURO 2016 Team

The tournament histories

As the host of EURO 1992, Sweden lost to Germany in semi-final round after Jonas Thern, Martin Dahlin, and Tomas Brolin made England looked like a loser within the group. It was considered as their first debut in final as well as their best appearance as they were able to qualify for the last four teams. in 2004, Olof Melberg and Zlatan Ibrahimovic missed goal penalties in quarterfinal round made the team lost to Holland.

Notable player

Even though Zlatan Ibrahimovic is old enough as he is now 34 years old, he remains a vital player in the country. During FIFA 2006 World Cup, he was considered as the most overrated football player in the universe. But he considered himself not that god anyway. He feels that he has lots of downsides somehow.

But, although he claims that he is not good enough, he has collected 62 goals in 111 of international appearances emphasizes how special he is.

The next big thing player

Oscar Highmark is named as the next big thing player. He is the national team captain of U-21 European Championship. He has also joined some campaign with the squads of coach Hamren. He moved to Palermo, an Italian football club in summer after being two years at PSV Eindhoven. He won the Swedish football title with Elfsborg when he was playing alongside Anders Svensson that claimed as his true mentor. Now, he is ready to score more goals with Sweden EURO 2016 Team.


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