The Ghostbusters Slot Machine

The Ghostbusters Slot Machine

The Ghostbusters Slot Machine is one of new slot games launched by IGT. Just like the name, this slot for real money game has a theme of the movie Ghostbusters and also featuring the characters like Slimer, the Marshmallow Man and also the Ghostbusters team. You can experience the top score and entering the fantasy world of the movie by playing this game. The display of the slot machine is made from screen with liquid crystal in 55 inches of size. This wide display will enable the players to get most of the slot machine. Inside the game, it is available 30 paylines and each spin requires 50 credits. You can activate the paylines if you bet 20 credits. The slot machine comes with 5 progressive jackpots and 3 bonus games.

The main character in Ghostbusters slot machine is Slimer. When you enjoy the features of the game, Slimer will be the host. He will also represent the anchor and when the players win credits, multipliers and antic, he will teases and simulate it. Meanwhile, the Marshmallow Man will come up in many times along the game like leaving behind multipliers and marshmallow chunks wilds. Every player will enjoy the high quality graphics, music background and sound effects that give unique playing experience. Every time you win a prize, the motion picture’s popular clip will play.

The Ghostbusters Slot Machine

The Ghostbusters Slot Machine
The Ghostbusters Slot Machine

When you play the Ghostbusters slot machine, you will see Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman Winston Zeddmore and Louis Tully appear on the reels. The hilarious antic of Slimer and the scary shrieks of the librarian are the treats that can be chosen when you relate the slot game to the movie series. Together with the traps and legendary car, the Ghostbusters’ proton packs will also appear on screen. All of the symbols are dynamic. The look will change as the progressive of the free spins. The best feature if the sound effect quality. The soundtrack ‘Who you gonna call?’ will be always played as the wheel spinning. Overall, the video and audio in this trusted slot game is spectacular.

Experience the Game

The popular theme song of Ray Parker also features in this Ghostbusters slot machine game. You can feel like going back to the serial by hearing the soundtrack in the joyful game. You will also hear the voices of Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd so it feels like in the movies. Also experience the scary sounds of ghastly slime and haunted house. You can bet from 50 p in the beginning and extend to $30 for every spin. Besides, this game also features the wild icons, wild reels, cash prizes, and also multipliers.

The Bonuses in Ghostbusters Slot Machine

There some bonus rounds feature in this game, such as;

–       Ballroom Buster: the bonus round that gives a proton pack to help firing elements and blowing the room up. There are five attempts to spot spirits that hide. Every ghost catching may award credits, multipliers or double rewards.

–       Stay Puft: a bonus round when the marshmallows fall down from sky.

–       Paranormal Pick: a bonus round that gives chance to get progressive jackpot.

–       Cash Award: bonus of 50 – 1000 times of your coins that features Slimer in funny act.


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