The way to play Cowboys and Aliens slot machine

The way to play Cowboys and Aliens slot machine

This is a game that was made and developed by the play tech company. It was formed based on the graphic comic novel that was released in 2006 by the platinum studios. It is an action game that is based on the story where fighters are trying to eliminate aliens that are trying to invade the earth. Gunslingers Zeke Jackson and Verity Jones are the two fighters who are working under the command of Chief Medicine Crow to overcome the aliens. The way to play Cowboys and Aliens slot machine, the game has been created in a comic style to make it look like the original book itself.

The way to play Cowboys and Aliens slot machine

For one to get win slot game bonuses, the symbols must be well utilized. Most of the symbols are features and characters of the story chief among them being Jackson and Medicine Crow. They are easily recognizable upon starting the game and you can use them to ensure that you win the bonuses at all times. The alien commander leader, who is the called Rado Dar is represented as a green monster in the game. The silver city is owned by Allan. This is where all the action takes place. The other vital symbols include the weapons and the alien’s spaceship in the game. The game comes in an audio-visual format to help people play it well and marvelously.

This is nine playline slot betting online that is video-enabled. All these play lines are enabled by default and they can be easily utilized. The coin value for each play line ranges from 0.01 to 100.00. When you want to max, you can easily push the bet max option and all the lines shall be activated. The actual bet will, therefore, range between 0.09 and 900.00 and you can always win much as you continue to play.

The way to play Cowboys and Aliens slot machine
The way to play Cowboys and Aliens slot machine

You bet starting with most left reel going to the right. Symbols are only appearing on the activated lines and adjacent reels. For both low and high rollers, the betting range is beneficial because it gives people the opportunity to win big money at all times. The line payouts for the results of 5 of a kind outcome is 75 coins to 1000 coins.

Features that accelerate bonuses on the game.

As a player of this game, it is obvious that you would like to have the slot game pay table, the best payouts, and the best odds. That is not achievable unless you have learned and mastered all the symbols that you can play with. Below is a quick theoretical briefing of the symbols that are used in playing the game and how they can be utilized to make bonuses.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbol functions or it is used to make the highest payout of 10, 000 coins. It can substitute any symbol except for the scatter and bonus symbol. This can make you the number one bettor at all times when you learn how to utilize this symbol.

Scatter symbol

This is represented by the logo of the game when one is playing the game. This symbol award points on the scatters when two or more of them appear on the reels. Five scatter symbol awards 5000 coins which could mean a heavy payout when high stake has been kept at the beginning of the game.

Alien weapon

This is meant to change four symbols on the last reel into wilds. Wilds are rewarded after the transformation is over.

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